“Business Owner Aunty vibes” Asoke Handbag


Another beautiful handmade handbag with shoulder strap custom made with fabric of your choice.

Sucrose Training Session - Slippers

Suror Obada is the Creative Director of Sucrose Crafts. Sucrose Crafts is an extraordinary brand that focuses on handcrafting unique fashion essentials from locally sourced materials. Sucrose makes products such as Ankara bags, slippers, shoes, and other accessories. They pay a lot of attention to detail. Every piece is carefully designed and beautifully finished just for you. The products are designed to make their clients stand out as they are exceptionally beautiful.

Suror offers ongoing training on the job to staff and interested crafters. To be part of Sucrose is to be part of growth.


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    Business Asoke Handbag“Business Owner Aunty vibes” Asoke Handbag