Our Vision

The World of Beautiful Things is a purveyor of fine hand-made goods and fair-traded items from around the world. We are creating a fair-trade marketplace for Artisans.

Our Mission

Marketing goods made by artisans around the world, The World of Beautiful Things Marketplace is a platform for Creative people (we work with both individuals and groups) to develop their business and marketing skills, so as to become independent business people and be more empowered to make informed choices in their lives.

The World of Beautiful Things specialized in identifying and protecting vulnerable heads of households that have been displaced by violence. Most of these families are female headed and have very few transferable skills. They are however very talented in skills that are often undervalued such as farming, weaving, cleaning, Adult and childcare, public speaking, song/ dance and performance skills, bead work, leather work and tailoring to name a few. When appropriately packaged and supported people can use these skills to earn a rewarding and respectable living. By providing resources for long-term support, refugees, displaced people, disenfranchised youth can become catalysts for strengthening networks and creating sustainable change in local and global communities.


We have over 20 years of work with Crafters, beginning in Kenya and Uganda and have over the years expanded to include Crafters in Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania and the United States. We are always open to additional partners and seek to provide long term support for Crafters to reach their goals. We have been involved in supporting Crafters to build homes, educate their children, start/ expand their businesses and develop additional skills to get employment. We partner with local community-based organizations to provide Crafters’ families with an umbrella of intensive case management, business education, skill development (accounting, marketing, clearing and forwarding etc.) Soon we will begin to offer online training courses for several skills. Please visit our training area and drop us a line on classes you are interested in taking.

Purchases made on this web store go to support this work. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.