Billy’s Body Butters

Want to experience soft smooth skin with just one natural product but cannot seem to find a product that works?

Do you have dry skin or a skin condition like eczema? If your answered yes to any of these questions. Billy’s Unrefined Shea Butter is the right product for you!
Billy’s Butter consists of Pure Shea butter, Coconut Oil (for extra moisture), Avocado oil and any fragrance of your choice (which makes it smell amazing!).

Billy’s Unrefined Shea Butter is soft, creamy and smells great!
It is tailored for individuals with dray skin and individuals with skin conditions.

Home made natural Shea Butter for skin and hair. Available in 4oz ($10) and 8oz ($16).
Both bulk orders and custom larger (12 and 16 oz) orders are welcome.
Please contact us for custom orders.


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