Wacu Kihara of Khangadelic - Fashion Ecopreneur Passion for Fashion and love for the Environment

Wacu has known she is a Fashion Designer since she was 11 and with encouragement from her Aunt and friends she started Khangadelic https://khangadelic.business.site/  in 2015. Khangadelic shows us how fashion is part of every part of life. Our environment and economy at all levels.

When she got back from Italy in 1995 where  she studied Fashion Design at POLIMODA: Istituto Internazionale Politecnico Della Moda, and won lots of awards- 

- Search for a National Costume in 1995 1st prize Ladies and 2nd Prize Men,

- SIFA Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, 3rd Prize in the Professional Category.

Khangadelic did 2 Charity Fashion Shows in 2015 one for the EAWL East African Women’s League of which I was also Secretary for the Naivasha Branch for 2 years. EAWL raises money to support Charities that help Women and Children and the second one to raise funds for the boy’s dormitory at St. Andrew’s Tarabete in Kasarani, North Lake, Naivasha and we donated 10% of our sales towards the same.

Khangadelic symbolizes the color and vibrancy of Coastal culture and lifestyle through contemporary clothing and accessories.

Khangadelic has a passion for fashion and a love for the environment. We have aligned ourselves with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have 2 collection centers for recyclables and are members of the International Coastal Clean UP and Kenya Association of Waste Recyclers.

We have participated in several International Trade Fairs such as:-

NY NOW 2016

Sourcing at MAGIC 2017 

SheTrades Global, Liverpool 2018








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