JUST A MOMENT .... Indeed, Your Purchase can change a life.

It starts with a change, so outwardly insignificant that no one would notice .... except the person behind you in the aisle


Just a moment of grace when instead of seeing rows of labels on a shelf, You imagine the people behind the products - Behind them, TiIing the earth, Sowing the seed, Gathering the crops.

And you pause, Wondering, What are their names? Where do they live, What difference does it make which one you buy while wondering how do I love these neighbors?

Cna I help change this child's long journey for water? Her/ His mother's challenge of lack of healthcare/ education? Improve the father's prospects of meeting the family needs?



And the person behind you, baby squirming, cell phone ringing etc - May never realize that in that moment of hesitation - A life was changed - or not....


(Inspired by Just a Moment by Christian Concern for the One World)

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