Featured Artist - ANU

World of Beautiful Things has the blessed opportunity to introduce you to a treasure from the Capital District.

Ms. Ayachit is among other things a great artist, has a remarkable understanding of the values that different precious and semi precious stones bring hold, a talented dancer, fine mother, balanced and honest friend, ever learning and open yoga practitioner to name a few. To know Anu is to understand the wonderful facets that God places in us as people. Her work is inspired by nature and years of work under the tutelage of her mother who loves gemstones and creative jewelry.

Enjoy Anu’s one of a kind creations, each individually made with love and life energy. Each piece of art you are wearing is an act of creation at https://www.adornmenow.com/?gws_rd=ssl


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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